Increase Productivity with PortalGuard Single Sign-On

One of the most implied reasons to implement a single sign-on (SSO) solution is to increase productivity among end-users and administrators. Whether you decide to go with home grown or open source single sign-on, having to remember the various credentials for multiple logins frustrates both IT helpdesk staff - who have a mountain of help-desk tickets - and end-users who experience account lockouts on a regular basis. Here are some of the most common ways SSO can increase productivity for all parties involved:

    Using Single Sign On to Increase Productivity

  • Reduce helpdesk calls - Users can access all of their apps in one central location and reset their passwords without any additional assistance from the helpdesk.
  • Centralized application integration - Eliminates the need for users to jump from tab to tab or search for login URLs and passwords.
  • Streamlined access across multiple devices - Use your portal login on any device in any web browser.
  • Time savings - On average, a user takes five to 20 seconds to login to an online application. Every second saved adds to increased productivity.

PortalGuard’s secure web portal includes single sign-on functionality that features the highest level of integration. In addition to providing users with the opportunity to connect the portal to the services they already use, PortalGuard takes increasing productivity a step further by separating out the necessary components of a portal and embedding them right into existing web page content.