SAML Single Sign On

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) allows for secure authentication between an identity provider and a service provider. PortalGuard’s SAML Identity Provider (SAML IdP) acts as a SAML-based web portal that uses a single set of credentials for the portal login itself, and then grants access to the rest of your pre-registered web-based accounts and apps using the SAML Single Sign-on protocol.

SAML is XML-based, and has garnered wide support throughout various industries as one of the most trusted and flexible authentication standards. Due to its XML underpinnings, SAML has a high degree of interoperability and allows enterprises to seamlessly integrate it across a wide variety of different software and applications.

PortalGuard allows organizations a highly customizable and effective way to take advantage of SAML’s usefulness and non-proprietary approach.

For a more in-depth look at some of the practical benefits of SAML Single Sign-on and how easy it is to give some of your favorite apps the security and convenience of SSO, check out this blog article from our CTO or click here to watch this video and see how PortalGuard acts as the IdP for SAML Single Sign-on.