Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Active Directory

Today’s authentication solutions primarily rely on having a central database to collect and manage login credentials and other user-specific information. For many organizations, the top choice for a central database is Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD).

Unfortunately, many third party applications and services do not always play nice with an internal Active Directory environment. This is where PortalGuard comes in. With PortalGuard, Active Directory integration is the foundation upon which we have built a rugged, seamless Authentication Solution.

Many organizations want more security than just a password for logging onto important things like the company network. PortalGuard has your organization covered - offering a Two-factor Authentication solution for Active Directory, adding a second factor requirement to user credentials, and increasing the security of your network.

For a more in-depth look at PortalGuard’s integration with Active Directory and other benefits PortalGuard can offer your organization, please visit our Website and check out our YouTube channel.