Two Factor Authentication Solution for Cyber Security

A growing problem in the world of technology is the ever-increasing amount of security breaches happening to companies both large and small. Their security measures are breached and precious user data is accessed and harvested - causing major problems for the end-user as well as the organization affected.

Implementing a two-factor authentication solution is a good step in preventing security breaches from occurring in your organization. PortalGuard is a tough nut to crack, with a five-layer user authentication solution set, which includes tools like contextual authentication - a series of tough, transparent barriers to prevent unauthorized access without impeding authorized user access. These transparent barriers can validate an end-user by something they have, know, or even their physical location. By using these barriers, the authorized user is allowed in, and the unauthorized user is left in the dark.

For more information on PortalGuard’s multi-factor contextual authentication, check out our YouTube video on contextual authentication and our in-depth tech brief on contextual authentication.