OTP Authentication

There are many different types of one time password (OTP) authentication methods that can be used for multi factor authentication. There are two main types of OTP authentication tokens: hardware tokens (often known simply as 'hard tokens') and software tokens (often known simply as 'soft tokens'). A hard token is a physical device that produces an OTP such as the YubiKey or SecurID tokens. These are very secure, but will users to carry them around to access 2fa-enabled accounts. Soft tokens, on the other hand, allow users to get an OTP with software such as through a text message on a mobile phone or an OTP delivered via email. This is easy to use since most people always have a mobile phone on them at any given time.

PortalGuard supports many different methods of OTP authentication. Some of these methods include: SMS authentication, YubiKey, PassiveKey, SIP Authentication, Email, and Google Authenticator. Any of these methods can be used within PortalGuard with any combination of methods put together. This makes it easy to pick and choose what methods would be best for you in order to implement them.