Two Factor Authentication for Email

Email two factor authentication is an authentication method that utilizes a user's email address in order to send a One-time Password(OTP) to finalize the authentication request. The email token authentication method is categorized as a soft token - this means that instead of having to use a hardware token such as YubiKey or RSA, they can simply use software to receive their OTP.

This has several advantages over hardware tokens in that most users already have access to a soft token that can be used for two factor authentication - e-mail access being the most likely. Soft tokens are beneficial for end-users because they cannot be lost or physically destroyed, which is an issue that plagues hardware tokens. In addition, soft tokens also tend to cost less than hardware tokens, since organizations won't need extra investment in order to purchase hardware tokens for each users.

PortalGuard offers two factor authentication for email to its users at no extra charge so that organizations can easily integrate end-user email for two factor authentication.