SMS Two Factor Authentication

SMS Based Authentication (or mobile two factor authentication) is an authentication method where a one time password(OTP) is sent to a cell phone in order to provide an extra layer of security to a user's account. The OTP can be sent directly to the end-user's mobile phone via SMS text message, or it can be delivered by leveraging SMTP-to-SMS gateways if necessary. SMS two-factor authentication increases usability while maintaining security - for example, if a user forgets the password to an account, or if a password reset is needed, it can be done quickly an efficiently after authenticating with an SMS OTP. All a user would need to do is input a code that was sent to the mobile phone within an authentication text field in order to verify their account.

There are many benefits to using mobile two factor authentication and one of the biggest is that most users have mobile phones and carry them on their person throughout the day. This makes SMS authentication convenient for end-users, and fiscally attractive to many different organizations. In today's technological world, many users are already familiar with SMS two factor authentication, which makes it a format that many users will be comfortable learning and continuing to use.

Using PortalGuard to leverage SMTP-to-SMS gateways in order to send messages comes free with PortalGuard at no extra cost. We also support Twillio and many other SMS based authentication senders that make it easy for you to implement SMS two factor authentication within your systems - these additional services come at a very low additional cost that can be as low as a few cents per message.