YubiKey Two Factor Authentication

The YubiKey token is a small piece of hardware that can connect to any computer using an open USB port. The YubiKey generates a continually changing one time password in order to authenticate the end-user. It is a form of hardware token authentication since it is a piece of hardware that needs to be carried around and connected to a computer in order to function. Even though this is the case, it is an extremely secure device that is used by companies such as Google and Facebook in order to increase the security of their own systems.

The way YubiKey for two factor authentication works is very simple. All the user needs to do is insert the YubiKey into their computers USB port. Once that is done, they press the button on top of the YubiKey to generate and input the OTP into the OTP form field. The key takes care of the reset and the user will be authenticated.

YubiKey two factor functionality can be used with PortalGuard as another form of two factor authentication. YubiKey helps to avoid many issues and costs that are associated with other types of tokens because the user does not have to type in the actual OTP. Not to mention, batteries are not needed to operate YubiKey.