Secure Web Portal Integration - Up-Time and Availability

With PortalGuard’s hybrid cloud approach to authentication, you get enterprise grade availability, response time and disaster protection - all at an industry leading price.

PortalGuard licensing provides clients with the ability to deploy their secure web portal solution both in the cloud and hosted locally on their own servers. Our cloud solution provides a cloned virtual machine that has all of the branding and configuration elements as your on-premises solution and provides a number of benefits that IT administrators have come to expect from the cloud.

Load Balanced Virtual Machines (VMs):

    Backed by Microsoft’s latest Azure technology, our cloud servers are able to route traffic quickly and effectively when there are spikes in user traffic – ensuring that your response times are never longer than expected.

Fail-Over Protection:

    Along with load balancing, PortalGuard’s cloud servers are fail-over protected with a guaranteed uptime of 99.5%. Should one server go down, PortalGuard’s VMs will automatically divert traffic to another server - thereby making sure that your web portal is readily available whenever it is needed.

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery:

    With disaster recovery in mind, PortalGuard provides regular back-up intervals for your data. We plan for the worst to keep your data safe and sound.

For a more in depth look at some of the technical considerations that you should be considering for your web portal, be sure to check out our video: Technical Considerations for Secure Web Portals over on our YouTube channel.