Web Portal Integration - Branding

Being able to leverage flexible design aesthetics in order to incorporate some of your organization’s digital presence will go a long way towards engendering trust among your user base. Simple design cues like this reinforce to the user that they are in fact on a legitimate, safe, and sanctioned website. A more vanilla, cookie-cutter approach will often have the opposite effect - raising questions about the legitimacy of your website.

Why settle for a login screen that does not reflect the design aesthetics of your organization when you can seamlessly integrate your logos, iconography, and color schema into a web portal that is familiar to your users?

Alternatively, you can take your web portal integration to the next level by incorporating our portal login forms directly on your homepage - giving your users full access to all of the necessary apps, data and information they need in a convenient and unobtrusive way.

If you’d like to see PortalGuard’s fully brandable secure portal in action, be sure to head over to our YouTube channel for our video on how easily our portal authentication solution can be integrated to your planned or existing solution.