Fully Customize your Web Portal

    Your Portal. Your Way.

Take your web portal customization to the next level with PortalGuard’s secure web portal solution.

Our secure web portal solution grants administrators the ultimate flexibility when it comes to controlling all of the key design elements, content and security that they want in their web portal. With PortalGuard, you control not only how your users gain access to your portal, but what they see based on their credentials.

Whether it’s Two-factor Authentication (2FA), Single Sign-on (SSO), Self-service Password Reset (SSPR), Contextual Authentication, or any combination of these features - you are in control.

Your users will no longer be presented with a utilitarian user interface, login prompt, and help screens, but will instead be faced with the design elements that represent the digital signature and unique web presence of your organization - which will also meet your compliance needs.

When you combine these features with complete control over user access privileges, an ability to deliver announcements based on user ID or group, self-service password reset and recovery functionality, and individual enrollment of devices and challenge questions; you have a truly customizable web portal solution that is both user friendly and secure.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve created a video dealing specifically with PortalGuard’s flexibility, customizability and the overall end-user experience using our secure web portal.