Tailored Web Portal Design with PortalGuard

Depending on how it is used, a web portal can be defined in a number of different ways. From “a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries” to “an organized gateway that helps structure the access to information found on the internet”, portals can be broken down into several different categories. The four major types include web, enterprise, captive and intranet. These portal categories — explained in-depth throughout this whitepaper — are often created for business use or authorized personnel only. As businesses and organizations continue improving and refining the look and feel of their websites, they expect to be able to do much the same with portal login screens and web applications.

PortalGuard’s secure portal integration takes custom branding to new heights. In addition to changing its color and images to fit your branding needs using a separate login page, the PortalGuard login form can be fully integrated or embedded into your existing website or page as well. This functionality, inspired by the request of existing PortalGuard clients, allows users to login faster without jumping from tab to tab and does not disrupt the overall look and feel of a website. Examples can be found here on the PortalGuard website and in our Sandbox as well.