Deploying a Secure Campus Web Portal

The number of applications that campuses require in order to provide students, faculty, and staff with the required resources to function seems to grow every year. By extension, the amount of different login portals that these end-users must access is increasing just as rapidly.

Beyond the pure annoyance and frustration of logging in so many times, each portal creates an opportunity for a forgotten password and exposes your end-users and network to inherent security problems.

PortalGuard is pleased to offer a comprehensive solution for your campus portal needs. Some of the things PortalGuard can offer your campus are:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for your applications (Moodle, BlackBoard, Office 365, and others)
  • Self Service Password Reset
  • A new announcements feature that pushes announcements out for students to view.
  • PortalGuard provides your campus with a secure web portal to reduce the various login portals associated with your campus applications to a single set of credentials. With the additional SSPR functionality in PortalGuard's secure web portal, user adoption and usability increases while user frustration and password-related helpdesk calls decrease. PortalGuard is a fully-functional solution that addresses multiple issues without any extra hassle. For more information on designing and implementing a secure web portal, or best practices for securing sensitive data within a web portal, download our white papers today!