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Within your IBM WebSphere Environment

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PortalGuard for IBM WebSphere

A Fully Integrated Authentication Package for WebSphere

For many organizations, IBM WebSphere is the product of choice for creating Java-based web sites and applications. However, as infrastructures grow and more applications or web sites are added, streamlining access without sacrificing security becomes a top priority. PortalGuard provides a fully featured authentication package that reduces the strain on local infrastructure, while simultaneously enhancing the login experience on multiple fronts.

IBM WebSphere Integration

Organizations may utilize WebSphere in a variety of configurations that include on premises or in a public, private, or even hybrid cloud model. PortalGuard enables you to keep your existing infrastructure in place, while deploying an effective authentication package to increase end-user usability, improve authentication security, and remove end-user reliance on local IT Resources.

Primary integration points include:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Password Reset and Recovery
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Support for Multiple User Repositories (AD, LDAP, SQL)
  • User Activity Reporting
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IBM websphere integration
SAML security and usability

Improving Security and Usability without Breaking the Bank

SAML SSO and Password Management

PortalGuard acts as an Identity Provider (IdP) to provide secure Single Sign-On using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol. By utilizing this industry standard protocol, PortalGuard provides users with streamlined access to WebSphere and associated applications using only a single set of credentials.

Alongside SAML integration for SSO, PortalGuard provides administrators with detailed control over access management to the WebSphere application server, web sites, and applications. ACL bindings are configurable down to the individual Organizational Unit (OU), and scale to accommodate organizations with both high and low end-user counts.

The PortalGuard IdP also provides granular password management capabilities to enable Password Reset, Password Recovery, and Account Unlock for end-users. By enabling end-users to manage their own passwords, PortalGuard further reduces reliance on local IT resources and enables end-users to get back to work quickly and efficiently. Additionally, PortalGuard's configurable nature allows for adherence to both internal and external compliance requirements with little to no extra hassle.

The PortalGuard Integrated Authentication Package for WebSphere improves both usability and security without sacrificing either.

Connect PortalGuard With the Services You Already Use

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Citrix Integration
  • Cloud Hosting Integration
  • Compliance Integration
  • External/SQL User Directory Integration
  • Identity Integration
  • Independent Directory Integration
  • Location Awareness Integration
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Integration
  • Multiple Login Integration
  • Office 365 Integration
  • On-Premises Integration
  • Password Policy Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Self-Registration Integration
  • Self-Service Functionality Integration
  • User Activity Reporting Integration
  • Virtual Desktop Integration
  • Web Portal Integration
  • White-Label Branding Integration