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What We do

Standardize your logins by delivering a customer brandable portal, innovative self-service password reset methods, web-based single sign-on and strong authentication options.

How we do it

Utilizing a turn-key, private and public cloud authentication extension for your virtual private networks and web-based applications

Why we do it

To help organizations achieve security, compliance and reduce help desk costs without negatively impacting the end-user's productivity.

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Understanding How to Overcome Two-factor Hurdles

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Portal Authentication: A Balancing Act Between Security, Usability & Compliance

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Navigating the Authentication Crossroads

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Get Out of the Password Reset Business



Single point of authentication consistently enforces your security policy to aid in PCI, HIPAA, SOX and FERPA mandates. Flexible enough to require stronger authentication for internet-based users versus the local network.


Single-sign on launch pad allows stream-lined access to all organization-controlled websites regardless of user's location. Tightly integrated self-service features ensure they can restore their access based on what your security policy allows.


Achieve rapid ROI using our fixed price solution that has no hidden costs and supports unlimited users and applications. The year-over-year cost savings can be repurposed for other IT projects.

User Efficiency

Self-service password reset empowers end-users to securely restore their own access and frees Help Desk employees to work on other projects.

Peace of Mind

An expert vendor with dedicated support to quickly resolve technical issues or confidently discuss and plan best practices on deployment and configuration.

Your Scope, Your Schedule

The ability to limit impact to specific users, groups or organizational units avoids the need to throw the "big switch" during an implementation or cutover.


The use of standards-based authentication protocols like SAML, WS-Federation and OAuth provide painless integration with on premises and cloud-based web applications. A single PortalGuard server can even support multiple Active Directory forests, LDAP, or SQL-based user directories.

User Experience

Secure yet usable self-service, password management, two-factor authentication and single sign-on that integrates with your users' established usage patterns. Dovetailing with existing processes ensures high adoption and boosts user satisfaction.

Satisfied Customers

PortalGuard provides our students, faculty, and staff a convenient self service password management system. Straightforward to get set up and running and their customer support is very responsive.

Dalton State College

Before PortalGuard our students had several passwords to remember. With PortalGuard they only have one password, and if they forget it, they can reset it on their own.

Clermont Northeastern Schools

Portalguard is easy to install, configure and brand. It has given us the ability to allow our agents to self-service their Active Directory accounts, giving us a level of security we've needed but were unable to achieve before PortalGuard.

Canal Insurance

On August 2013, first day of classes, IT Helpdesk encountered 1,200 login issues without PortalGuard. On August 2014, first day, we encountered only about 200 login issues with PortalGuard implemented. We are very pleased and PortalGuard has been a tremendous help.

Robeson Community College

PortalGuard is the easiest and quickest to implement 2-Factor Authentication product I have worked with.

Sheetz, Inc

We have been using PortalGuard for over year now and it works great! It works just as good as other products in the market but at a much more affordable price!

Sentinel Benefits

We are very pleased with our Pistolstar and Portalguard products. Our Associates are able to unlock their own passwords, as well as see what their current password is, which reduces help desk calls. Products are easy to use, and we even implemented some customized add-ons. Our friends at Pistolstar are very accommodating and are great to work with. Thank you Pistolstar for great products at affordable prices.

Woodmen of the World

We now have three installations of PortalGuard to provide critical 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) working with a variety of remote access systems. It has been extremely easy to install and integrate with these different implementations. Further, should we have any questions, customer support has been outstanding - fast, responsive and very helpful. I highly recommend PortalGuard and the price is very reasonable.


Keeping Companies and Campuses Safe Worldwide

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How We're Different

Our Licensing

  • Per server pricing with no per user cost
  • Upgrading to the licensed version is easy; just apply the gold key
  • Includes USA-based support

Our Serives

  • We offer tailored authentication: products and services that fit with your unique environment if the base product does not exactly meet your needs.

Our Support

  • No hidden professional service charges
  • We are here to serve you; we are not satisfied until you are
  • The people that support the product also helped develop it
  • No third party technical support

Our Deployment

  • No additional professional services required
  • No API needed
  • No need for additional hardware
  • No mandatory training


YubiKey: Logging in Without a Password

Web-Based 2FA

Single Sign-On