Standardize your login experience for your business, organization or education website.

Over a million users rely on our solutions to protect them every day and they have trusted their authentication security to PistolStar, Inc. since 2002.
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A Hybrid Cloud Approach
The power of a brandable hybrid cloud solution provides decentralized organizations with redundant around the clock on-demand login to their in-house and external business apps.

Responsive and Thematic
Responsive branded web design aimed at providing a consistent and optimal viewing experience -- easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling -- all across a wide range of devices.

One key to all your web apps
A secure portal that streamlines on-demand single sign-on access to all your business and education apps.

Single Sign On

PortalGuard offers true Single Sign-on for its customers, and There is no need to worry about forgetting multiple username and password combinations when you can remember just one. Keep your peace of mind, and let PortalGuard help you secure your various logins and applications behind a single set of strong, secure credentials.


Self Service Password Reset

Forgetting your password is nothing new, and creating a strong, memorable password has never been more complicated.

Everyone has an important job to do and a forgotten password can really knock things off the rails. Fortunately PortalGuard Self-Service Password Reset can help you get everything back on track.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security for your logins. With eleven different 2FA and OTP delivery methods, PortalGuard helps you implement Two-factor authentication however you need it.

Secure authentication shouldn’t be difficult your end-users. PortalGuard makes 2FA simple - the way it should be.

Contextual Authentication

Create a more secure environment without extra effort for your users. PortalGuard can look at the context of a particular login attempt in order to validate the user making the request.

A fraudulent login attempt will be denied even with the correct login credentials, while there will be virtually no impact on a valid user login.

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Dalton State College

“PortalGuard provides our students, faculty, and staff a convenient self service password management system. Straightforward to get set up and running and their customer support is very responsive.”

“On August 2013, first day of classes, IT Helpdesk encountered 1,200 login issues without PortalGuard. On August 2014, first day, we encountered only about 200 login issues with PortalGuard implemented. We are very pleased and PortalGuard has been a tremendous help.”

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Robeson College

Our Customer Portals

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Secure by Design

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PortalGuard is Veracode "VerAfied"

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Penetration testing by SecureState

Recent Updates

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PortalGuard v5.6

PistolStar, Inc. engineers have released a new version of PortalGuard that introduces several new updates!

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PortalGuard cloud implementation announcement

PortalGuard v5.5

Google reCAPTCHA and more in the latest version of PortalGuard!

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