Hybrid Cloud

The same great authentication platform - now hosted in the cloud with Microsoft Azure VM

PortalGuard Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Hosting yet another software-based solution in your environment is not always the best decision that you can make. If servers or limited space are viable concerns, PortalGuard’s Nebula offering is here to provide an alternative with the same proven authentication suite that PortalGuard customers have come to know and trust.

If you have specific needs for your project, PortalGuard Nebula will find a way to provide you with strong, secure authentication for unlimited users and unlimited applications.

What You Get

  • Single Sign-on to Cloud and Web-based Applications
  • Seamless integration with your existing Active Directory
  • A Wide Variety of 2FA Authentication and OTP Delivery Methods
  • Simple and Secure Self-service Password Reset

Infrastructure Concerns

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Network uptime isn’t always a given and maintaining a data center rarely adds value to an organization’s bottom line - just headaches. Take some of these concerns off your plate and let Nebula handle the uptime.

Technical Resource Limitations

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IT budgets and staffs are stretched thinner than ever. PortalGuard Nebula IDaaS will help to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) - freeing up your budget for other tasks and projects.

Time Constraints

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IT should be performing projects with the most impact. Installing and maintaining an authentication server doesn’t need to be on that list. Using a cloud-based service can also minimize the time for deployment from weeks and months of planning to a simple matter days.

Meet End User Needs

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With cloud migration taking over, end user needs are continually expanding. A more direct integration is required to meet and exceed these expectations. Nebula will help you continue to meet your end user needs securely and efficiently, without all the extra hassle.

Already In The Cloud

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Many organizations have already started the shift to the cloud (Migration to Google Apps or Office 365). Nebula allows organizations to continue this trend without compromise – enabling a strong turnkey authentication and Single Sign-on solution to provide secure access to your existing apps already in the Cloud.

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