White Papers

configurable password management: balancing usability and compliance white paper


Password Policy best practices are constantly evolving. Password management doesn’t need to be a headache for your I.T. Department. Learn how PortalGuard balances usability and security with easy to use password management utilities – fully configurable to fit the needs of your environment.

server-based password synchronization: managing multiple passwords white paper

Tech Brief

Multiple login prompts and password fatigue are real issues within modern organizations. Using the SAML authentication protocol to provide identity federation, PortalGuard will help reduce login prompts and eliminate password fatigue to provide a convenient, streamlined login process for you and your end users.

saml single sign on: reducing multiple login prompts white paper

Tech Brief

With password fatigue becoming a real issue, users are becoming increasingly unable to remember the various passwords that have been created for a multitude of accounts. Password synchronization helps users convert all passwords to a single, consistent login; increasing productivity and usability while decreasing frustration and password fatigue.

saml singe sign on for higher education

Tech Brief

Multiple passwords for university applications and resources is a prime concern in education. SAML Single sign on provides a method of managing multiple user repositories and applications through a single, strong login portal. Convenience and security packaged neatly together for your campus - just the way it should be.